TAGLIT Post-Assessment Procedure
One of the Gates Foundation expectation of the Leadership Grant is that program participants complete a TAGLIT post-assessment.

The North Dakota Technology Academy for School Leaders (TASL) aims to provide educational leaders in public and private schools with quality leadership training focused on systems change and technology integration.  The program consists of four modules conducted over the course of several months at various sites throughout the state.

Module 1 focuses on the North Dakota State Network including access, tools, and services.  The aim is to increase knowledge and skills to the level that school leaders can provide coaching for their instructional staff.  

Module 2 focuses on technology for productivity and professional practice.  The goal is to increase technology skills for immediate use on the job.

Module 3 focuses on technology leadership, emphasizing how learning with technology helps all students achieve in a high performance, standards-based system.  

Module 4 focuses on assessing progress and evaluating results.  The aim is to be able to assess the impact of technology and make appropriate curriculum and fiscal decisions.  

Project funded by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation
and a supplemental grant from the North Dakota State Legislature.